The foundation, health and livelihood of an organisation depends on its key decision makers having a robust presence of mind

Consultations for senior executives

Harley Street Executive provides clinically-governed consultations for senior executives.

Our specialist team of consultants offer both individual discussions and reflective workshops to help you navigate minor departmental fluctuations to major organisational crises.

We give you the tools to manage organisational upheavals that could potentially impede growth and stability.

Our approach focuses on the subconscious drivers that can both hinder and increase organisational growth.

Clinically-governed expertise

Harley Street Executive brings the rigour and expertise of the clinical world into your boardroom to help you become proactive rather than reactive, to be the agent of change rather than subject to it.

From mediation and negotiation, to leadership development and change management, we draw on proven skills and practical experience that has been earned at the highest levels and in the most demanding of circumstances.

“We have found Emma Loveridge’s team an invaluable therapeutic resource. It is our first port of call for clients in need”

John Nicholson – Turner Nicholson, Solicitors

  • Change Management
  • Mediation
  • Leadership Development
  • Negotiation

Subconscious drivers

Our approach addresses the subconscious drivers that play out in the workplace with potentially negative outcomes.

Our inherent drivers dictate how we perceive the world, how we interrelate with others and our prospects of success.

We identify potential risk and development areas, providing an analysis of the complexities between your developmental stages and unconscious mind.

Our consultants will assist you to recognise your subconscious drivers to effect positive change in key areas of your organisation.

Proprietary diagnostic tool

  • Perception
  • How we interrelate with others
  • Our prospects of success
  • Potential risk areas
  • Potential developmental areas
  • Analysis of previous developmental stages
  • Analysis of subconscious drivers

Supporting start-ups

For start-ups with a significant growth strategy, we will support your senior team as you mature into a corporate entity.

Growth and expansion can create pressures at senior level.   Our consultations and workshops will enable your team to successfully navigate these challenges during your growth trajectory.


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