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What makes Harley Street Executive unique?

We operate under clinical governance, with a focus on adjusting inner motivations and behaviours to alter the outer environment, rather than the other way around.

We utilise a revolutionary diagnostic tool that maps the structure of the unconscious mind.  This helps us identify areas of Potential, Drive, Risk and Fit, enabling you to identify potential risk areas and focus on achieving better external outcomes.


What is Harley Street Executive’s approach?

We examine how subconscious drivers interfere with one’s prospects of success. These patterns are formed over a lifetime and stem from our earliest encounters.   The workplace can evoke these behaviours unknowingly, causing conflict, communication breakdown and a disruption of professional relationships.   Our approach works on redirecting these drivers in the individual to bring about change in the wider organisation.

What does your programme specifically offer organisations?

By addressing unconscious behaviours, we can help your organisation in the following areas:

  • Manage abrupt changes in strategic direction
  • Improve retention of key staff
  • Enhance cross-organisational communication
  • Leverage your expertise during operational shifts such as acquisitions, mergers and board changes
  • Encourage a deeper understanding in each individual of their subconscious drivers and how best to use this knowledge to his/her advantage within the workplace

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